Ever wonder “where the hell is my money going? what am I spending it on?”

Do you ever feel like you need to be more in control of what you’re spending? Well stop all that! The feeling of being in control is probably just an illusion.

But maybe you do enjoy a false sense of control. Maybe you’re like me and you like graphs and tables and numbers. Then you’re in the right place.

This is MyRP (short for My Resource Planner). It’s a not too serious app for managing your budget and for staying busy with capturing data and looking at graphs. It’s my largely unfinished hobby project which I passionately spend my time on.

So have a look around! Try it on and see what you like. If there is something, let me know. I’m happy to make it more useful for you and to share my hobby. Especially if you want to contribute to the code or with improvement ideas, or simply to learn.